At World Humanitarian Missions (WHM) we are Christian Missionaries, based in Los Angeles, California, conducting foreign missions in the form of Medical and Dental Aid, in Latin America. We began in 1996, planting Christian faith based churches in Central and South America. Based on our research and experience, we received the burden to reach out to a large population of children and youth living underprivileged along the Amazon River, in South America, beginning in Peru with future projections to Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, which affected by the poverty, illiteracy and even indigenous class populations, entire families live lacking of basic Medical and Dental care and education to prevent and fight terrible deceases and sickness from simple flu viruses to insects and animal bites developing terrible infections inflicting pain and suffering to deaths. We need your help to carry on this Mission.


In Loreto, Peru, alone, populated with only 1’039,372, according to 2014 census, statistics show that from each 1,000 children, 80 died prematurely for the lack of Medical and Dental Attention and Medication when needed.

Birth Control is rare to unknown, due to the high level of poverty, ignorance and sexual exploitation of minor teenage girls, who get impregnated by heavy sexual use or sexual abuse, leaving a high level of unwanted children who get aborted or killed at birth by drowning in the rivers. There are countless fetuses and new born babies who get cruelly dumped into the river.

Our Floating Hospital will be a safe “Drop-Off-Center” for unwanted and abused children to be sent for a chance in life to our Orphanage homes “For Life”. The sexually exploited minors when infected to a point of being unable to be used, they get decapitated and dumped in the rivers. We will provide a safe "Drop-Off-Center, where we can rescue those girls and give them also a chance to live by sending them to homes of restauration for them and then reentering into society and their families from where they were TAKEN ad were greatly missed.


WHM will bring the much needed Medical and Dental Attention and Education to jungle towns and villages and shanty towns where very little to none is provided.

Some towns and villages are floating with no dry land, forcing the locals to dispose of trash, garbage and fecal matter to the same waters where they live and where their children play at large, swimming and floating in contaminated waters that contain bio-hazardous materials and substances; the same waters that attract infectious deceases, insects and animals which in contact with those little ones may become infectious, sickening and even deadly in some cases.

Residents in those rural areas have to travel up to a minimum of 24 hours to seek poor medical and dental attention, which in many cases is obtained too late, causing permanent damages to irreversible illness or injuries or even premature death.


WHM is in the process of building a Floating Hospital, custom made on a multi-story river ship, which will serve towns, shanty towns and villages that are built along the different rivers in the Amazon Forest, where there are no hospitals or clinics. Our hospital will be operating 24- hours, free of charge with an Emergency Room (ER), a Trauma Center (TC), Operating Rooms (OR); staffed with paid and mostly volunteer doctors, nurses and qualified technical medical and dental assistants and technicians from both local and international humanitarian organizations, medical and dental schools, as well as partnering Humanitarian missions from all over the world.

Our Floating Hospital will be equipped with donated medicine to be provided free of charge as prescribed by our medical and dental professionals, obtained from different local and international pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

Our Floating Hospital will be equipped with different radiology equipment making possible precise diagnosis and potential surgery.



Our Religious Non-Profit Corporation is seeking financial help from compassionate people and organizations’ leaders to provide continued support to bring the much needed Medical and Dental aid through our “Missionary Floating Hospital”, “Master of the River I”, which is designed to bring wellbeing and relief to thousands of the less fortunate habitants of the Amazon Forest in South America, thus, showing the love of God in Action”.

If you feel called by God or moved by generosity or compassion to help those in greater need, know that you will be the answer to someone’s prayer who is in pain or sickness and we will become “Partners in Compassion” with your generous “One-Time Donation” or your “Continued Support”.

Please click on the DONATE button below to make a difference with a secured contribution through PayPal and in turn, we will send you a receipt from our 501 (c)(3) California and Federal Tax Exempt Organization for your tax deduction purposes at the end-of-the-year. We will also send you information on the progress of our mission. Our staff and volunteer body thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we pray that God blesses you, your family and businesses abundantly. We WELCOME YOU ABOARD!!